Where do I get insurance for a self move?

I will be making a self move of about 850 miles. I have heard of transportation peril insurance. Is this included in home owners insurance? Or, is this some type of insurance to purchase?

PERIL: A term used in the Marine Insurance Act (1906) to denote a hazard. The principle of proximate cause is applied to an insured peril to determine whether or not a loss is recoverable. In modern practice the term "risk" often replaces "peril".

I would suggest that you call your insurance broker to get the answer to this question. I have been told that some homeowner insurance policies provide coverage for catastrophic loss coverage, such as a total lost caused by an accident and subsequent fire. As I understand it, what isn't covered by such policies is damage to individual articles such as a broken chair leg or torn sofa upholstery.

I hope this helps you. Good luck with your move and if you hurt your back remember to call your friendly Avatar movers next time!

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