What is the best way to pack mirrors & pictures?

Hi there! I would appreciate some help with this. I am getting ready to move, but I'm at a loss as to how to pack my pictures, mirrors and glass tops. Can you provide me some tips or recommendations on how I can do this so that these items are properly protected for my move? Thank you.

Hi Dianne, thanks for your question. Mirrors, pictures, and glass tops definitely need to be properly packed in order for them to be safely transported. Larger items (and large marble tops) need to be wood crated which is a specialty service offered by most moving companies and better packaging stores. You can purchase "mirror cartons" at any self-storage store and these "mirror cartons" will telescope to fit a wide variety of mirror, picture, and glass top sizes. Always start packing such an item by wrapping it in a paper pad or bubble-wrap (and then pack it into the picture carton). Alternatively you can use a flattened out cardboard box in place of a telescoping mirror carton by using the following technique which is outlines in this article...

In addition, below I've posted some pictures of mirrors, pictures, and glass tops which have been packing using proper telescoping mirror cartons.

Thanks again for your question Dianne and good luck with your packing!




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