What does "PBO" mean?

My moving company's "table of Measurements" lists boxes as "PBO". What does PBO mean?

"PBO" is a term employed by the moving industry to signify  a box which has been "Packed By Owner". This simply means that the article in question (nearly always a box) has been packed by the persons who are being moved, as opposed the the article being packed by the moving company who in the moving industry is referred to as the "Carrier".

Boxes which are packed by the mover are noted as "CP" which means "Carrier Packed". These abbreviations are shown in the movers inventory and the purpose of differentiating between PBO ("Packed By Owner") boxes and CP ("Carrier Packed") boxes is to determine liability for the contents of the box in question. Here is a screenshot of other standardized "descriptive symbols" which the moving industry employs...

Standardized moving industry "descriptive symbols"

Please read this FAQ for more information on mover's liability for boxes which are packed by the owner.

Thank you for your question! 

Mover PBO carton

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