Moving smaller shipments

I have a small load that needs moved. I don't require the standard semi. Do moving companies offer a smaller trucks for a lower cost? Are shipping costs based on weight or volume? Will my shipment be loaded with other shipments? Thank you.

  1. Moving companies offer two (2) different size trucks: tractor-trailers (aka "18-wheelers") or straight trucks (aka "box trucks"). Tractor trailers hold at least twice the amount as straight trucks.
  2. Although there are exceptions to this rule, straight trucks are used to perform local and "short-haul" moves (moves under 400 miles) whereas tractor-trailers are used to perform long-haul moves (moves over 400 miles).
  3. Multiple shipments which are destined to the same area are loaded on both straight trucks and tractor-trailers; this "truck sharing" makes much more moving affordable.
  4. Professional movers charge by weight for interstate moving and; generally, villains and ripoff artists (who you will find on the internet) will charge based upon volume. The reason for this is that falsifying a weight ticket from a certified public scale is a crime while "ballooning" a shipment's volume is unethical but there is little chance one would go to jail for such villainy.
  5. Never, ever, EVER employ a mover who doesn't come to your home to survey the articles you need to move and allow you to interview him or her.

Good luck with your move and please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions!

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