Invoicing & regulations for overseas moving

How can I tell if what I am getting charged for is correct? Are there any government regulations for international? This is my first move over seas. I am use to relocation within the states and being able to verify the charges with the government tariff.

International moving is not regulated by the United States federal government. As a result there are no rules, regulation, or tariffs that govern internation household moving with the exception of the customs regulations that govern all U.S. imports and exports.

I am unclear as to what you are looking for here. Since international household moving is unregulated there are no limits on what you can be charged for an international overseas move that originates within the U.S. I would suggest that your primary concern should be to retain the services of a high quality origin agent. It is the origin agent who quotes you the price, packs, loads your goods into the overseas containers and turns your shipment over to the freight forwarder for final freight and delivery services. Find a high-quality origin agent and you will be sure to have a quality move that is priced fairly.

Finding a quality origin agent requires some work on your part. Don't assume that because the agent is affilitiated with a national van line brand name that the agent of of high quality.

Start your search by reading this article...

Good luck!


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