How should I pack my dishes for my move?

Would you please provide me with some advice on the best way to pack my dishes and other fragile items in my kitchen?

To start, you should understand that when a customer packs a box a mover will often deny liability for damage to the contents of the customer packed box. However, if the mover packs the box the mover will be fully responsible for any damage which is sustained to the contents of the box (according to the type of loss/damage liability which you selected for yor move).

Therefore, if you have any dishes (or other fragile items of great monetary or emotional value) you may want to consider having your mover pack these items. In addition, Customer packed boxes are listed as "PBO" (Packed By Owner) on the mover's shipment inventory whereas mover packed boxes are listed as "CP" (Carrier Packed) on the inventory. This said, the number one rule for packing dishes is to stand plates on end and not flat. This packing tip, and many others can be found in our household packing tutorials which I suggest you read.

We hope this helps you and please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need any additional information. Good luck with your move!

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