How should I mark or label my moving boxes?

Please tell me the best way to mark and label my moving boxes. Thanks!

This is an excellent question which I am asked by our customers all of the time!

1) Label your boxes on the sides and not on the top. When boxes are stacked 3 or 4 high you must un-stack each box to read the label on the top and this can amount to a lot of unnecessary work!

2) Label your boxes on two (2) sides so one of the sides should always be facing out so you can read it.

3) Label your boxes with the following information...

  • Your name
  • A general description of the contacts of the box
  • The mover's shipment reference number (if your mover misplaces the box the reference number will help your box find it's way back  to you)
  • The location the box should be placed.

4) Regarding labeling the box with the location it should be placed, here is a quick list of location abbreviations...

  • Master Bedroom = MBR
  • Living Room = LR
  • Dining Room = DR
  • Bedroom 1 = BR1
  • Bedroom 2 = BR2
  • Bedroom 2 = BR3
  • Kitchen = Kit
  • Garage
  • Den
  • Shed
  • Outdoor
  • Basement = Bsmt

I do hope this gives you the answers you need. And please don't hesitate to contact your friendly Avatar Relocation Long Island moving company if you need any additional information! Smiley

Marking and labeling a moving box

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