How much money should I tip my movers?

Can you tell me how much I should tip my mover? Are tips required? Any information you could provide would be very helpful. Thank you.

Tips are not required but...much like good service at a are a reward (and recognition) for service which was good to excellent. If you are so inclined to provide your movers with a tip, then a good guideline is $3.00 to $5.00 per man, per hour. For example, if you had a moving job requiring 3 men that takes 10 hours to complete then a generous tip would be a minimum of $90.00 (total for all men) and a maximum of $150.00 (total for all men). Good drivers and their crews appreciate tips and they depend on them to make ends meet, but a driver and his crew should never insinuate that they are expecting a tip (those that do are the ones to keep an eye on!). Tips should be paid in cash. Moving furniture is a tough way to earn a living and generally the guys doing the work don't make a lot of money. If your moving crew is hardworking, friendly, pleasant, and accommodating then tipping is appropriate and your tip is a welcome recognition of a job well done.

You will find more information in our web article titled "Tipping movers - how to tip your mover".

Thanks for your question!

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