Holding my move on truck overnight


Is there a way to schedule a move where you can pick up from one address say on a Thursday afternoon and deliver it Friday afternoon on a short distance move? 5-10 miles?

Yes, this is generally not a problem (when our schedule is not too full). In such instances we load on day #1, then charge a "hold-on-truck" fee (for holding your shipment a night or 2), and then we deliver on day #2. However this scenario is limited to 1 or 2 days; if the shipment needs to be held longer than 1 or 2 days the shipment usually needs to be taken off the truck and stored in our warehouse which is a more expensive exercise. Once again, this depends on how busy we are and it's best to call us at 631-244-8686 and talk to us about your requirements.

Thank you for your question! move hold on truck overnight

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