Becoming a UK resident

My friend wants to move from the USA to the UK so I was wondering how they would go about becoming a UK citizen?

Thanks for your question Dave! But we are moving and logistics experts, not immigration experts! But...I guess these days...Google makes everyone an everything expert! smiley

It appears that British citizenship is handled by the British Home Office who recommends the book "Life in the United Kingdom: A Journey to Citizenship" which is available at

The product description states:

This compendium of information aims primarily to assist teachers of English as a second language, mentors and others helping immigrants to integrate, It will also help immigrants who have workable English and who are required to take a citizenship test if they apply for naturalisation as Briitsh citizens. Sections include: the making of the United Kingdom (history); a changing society; a profile of Britain today; how Britain is governed; everyday needs (housing, health, education, money, leisure etc); employment; sources of help; knowing the law.

I hope this information helps you, and good luck to you and your friend!

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