Overseas international moving insurance basics

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Overseas international moving insurance basics

By Christopher Noblit - Household goods moving from one country to another are exposed to a variety of risks associated with sea and air transportation, port and terminal activity, and possible customs inspection. As with insuring your home against fire or other disasters, the odds that you will experience loss or damage are very small but risks do exist. “All Risk Marine Transit Insur- ance” is designed and written to cover these varied risks and most international moving companies will offer such a comprehensive insurance policy based on Replacement Cost Protection.

When planning your overseas move please consider the following suggestions and information...

  • We suggest you secure an appraisal on items with a high value or intrinsic value, such as antiques, collectibles, fine art, etc. In the event of a claim, you will need to prove a lost or damaged items value and ownership in order to receive proper reimbursement and maximum benefits.
  • Your “Household Goods Descriptive Inventory” establishes liability for loss or damage. At origin, your moving company will tag each piece to be moved with a numbered sticker and prepare an itemized inventory listing a description of each item and it's condition at the time it was taken into the movers care and custody. Make sure the inventory is accurate and complete. Upon delivery the mover will ask you to sign the inventory again. At this time that you must note, on the inventory, any damage that occurred or items that are missing. If you fail to make note of damaged or missing items your claim will most likely be denied.
  • Never over-insure. The amount you receive from the insurer for a damaged item will never be greater then the item’s true value. At the same time, never under-insure your shipment as the insurance company will consider you a “co-insurer” and will pay you only a fraction of your claim.
  • If you are planning on performing the packing of boxes yourself, note that overseas insurance policies exclude liability coverage for damage to the contents of owner packed cartons packed. As a result, having the mover pack fragile or sensitive items into boxes assures you that your insurance will cover these pieces under all circumstances.
  • Be sure to obtain a copy of your insurance certificate from your mover and, if you have any loss or damage to your shipment, contact the insurance company immediately.
  • Make sure you have unpacked all containers and have inspected each item before filing claims. Save damaged items as the insurer may require that they be inspected by an insurance adjusted. In additon, be certain to know which inventory numbers were assgned to each damaged or missing article, including articles which were packed into boxes and containers.

Careful planning is vital to a successful overseas move and can make the difference between a smooth transition or a difficult experience. We hope this information provided within this document will allow you to know what to expect with regards to overseas moving insurance and help you plan accordingly.

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