Avatar robotic dinosaur exhibit move a roaring success

Robotic dinosaur exhibit move

Rochester, NY - It's impossible to use the front door when you're delivering a robotic dinosaur that's 26 and a half feet tall! Instead, workers used a crane to lift the apatosaurus model to exhibit space on Rochester Museum & Science Center's third floor. And who was the company who moved these Cretaceous Critters? Why Avatar of course! The traveling DINOSAURS! exhibit features six half-sized roaring, robotic dinosaurs including the king of dinosaurs Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, Pachycephalosaurus, Dimetrodon, Stegosaurus, and a mother Apatasaurus protecting her babies. Imagine what life must have been like when these herbivores and carnivores co-existed millions of years ago!

Designed with the assistance of world-renowned paleontologists, this science experience brings robotic dinosaurs alive through the magic of interactive digital simulation. Avatar was tasked with the job of loading, transporting, and delivering this sensitive cargo, and everyone agreed that this transportation project was a roaring success.

Charged with the transportation of this Cretaceous cargo, Avatar utilized one of its air-ride padded electronics van to complete the transport of this shipment without incident.

Bill South, President of Avatar, said "Projects such as these represent a unique challenge for our company and we're honored to have such high-value cargo entrusted to our care and custody."

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Robotic dinosaur exhibit move 1


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Robotic dinosaur exhibit move 3


Robotic dinosaur exhibit move 4


Robotic dinosaur exhibit move 5


Robotic dinosaur exhibit move 6


Robotic dinosaur exhibit move 7


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Robotic dinosaur exhibit move 9


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