Avatar performs large artwork storage for artist in need of a warehouse

Pump Jack Art Exhibit

Artist Josephine Meckseper’s pairing of pump jacks and a Manhattan Times Square location serves to merge a classic symbol of American oil production and wealth with the center of New York City commercial culture. In a statement, Ms. Meckseper says her 25 feet tall oil pump jack sculptures are intended “to draw parallels between the American industrial system, transitioning from a past of heavy industry, factories, and teamsters and the disembodied present of electronic mass-media, surface advertising, and, the critical placement of the pumps is a conceptual gesture that raises questions about business and capital; land use and resources; wealth and decay; decadence and dependence.”
While Avatar Relocation doesn’t know much about wealth, decay, decadence or dependence we do know how to warehouse and store large works of art and high value sensitive machinery and, as a result of being chosen to warehouse this unique project, was proud to lend its expertise to help the artist store this work.

Finally, after warehousing this unique artistic statement for over a year, Avatar Relocation was asked to prepare, package and load the exhibit into 20-foot and 40-foot ocean freight containers for ocean freight transportation from our Long Island warehouse to Europe.

Pumpjack art exhibit
Josephine Meckseper’s pump jacks Manhattan Times Square installation
Loading art exhibit into ocean freight containers
Loading Josephine Meckseper’s pump jacks in an ocean freight container
Artists exhibit being transported via ocean freight container
Securing the art exhibit in a 40-foot ocean freight container
Packing art exhibit for transport to Europe
The art exhibit safely secured into an ocean freight container
Packaged art exhibit
All pieces were mounted on skids, pad-wrapped and then stretch-wrapped
Art exhibit ready to be moved to Europe
Parts of the pump jack exhibit secured inside a 20-foot container


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