We're going to use someone else because your company is too expensive

Thank you for your time but we want to let you know that we are going to use another mover because your company is too expensive.

Thank you for advising us of your status and we hope you experience the best possible outcome with your move.

Avatar Relocation's (our) pricing is positioned to be absolutely inline with other Long Island moving companies who are of the same (high) quality and conduct their business practices as professionally as we endeavor to conduct ourselves. However, we are not competitive with companies which lowball cost estimates, companies who don't carry liability of workers compensation insurance, or companies who hire non-skilled part-time untrained labor off the street. We can't compete with companies that want you to estimate your job over the telephone thereby forcing you to estimate your own move. And we can't compete with movers who top off tanks after loading, who promise dates and then miss them, who refuse claims based upon "clear receipt", who overbook their schedule and and then don't show up, who provide untrained or intoxicated labor, or who hold shipments hostage in extortion-like fashion.  😧

It may be beneficial to point out what may be some pitfalls in your assessment of each mover's cost as such pitfalls may affect the final cost of your moving job, and may come as an unsurprise for you.

Specifically, are you comparing each mover's cost estimate you received "apples-to-apples"?

For interstate moves (jobs which move from one state to a different state),  moving companies charge you based upon your shipment's actual weight. The estimated weight on each of your cost estimates may vary (whereas one move may estimate 8,000 pounds and another mover may estimate 10,000 pounds). As a result, it will look line the mover with the lower 8.000 pound estimated weight is much less expensive...but remember, you will be charged for what your shipment really weighs and that can come as a shock if you have settled on a low-ball weight estimate.

Alternatively, for local moves (moves that originate and are destined to the same state), movers generally charge by the hour, so ask yourself if you are comparing an 8 hour estimate to a 10 hour estimate. And remember that, once again, that you will be charged for the actual time it takes to complete your move...not the estimated time which can result in an unpleasant financial surprise.

Here's a link to an article that explains these issues in greater detail...

Thanks again for letting us know your plans and congratulations on your move to your new home!


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