Is there a specific time that I can expect the movers to arrive?

Is there a specific time or time-window that I should expect the movers to arrive to pack, load or deliver my shipment?

Your mover should contact you in advance to advise you of the estimated arrival time (ETA) for packing (boxes) at your origin residence and/or for loading the truck at origin or for unloading the truck at your new destination residence.

When you are advised of the estimated time of arrival your mover usually provides you with a "window of time" (for example: "8:00am to 10:00am").  This "window of time" ETA is designed to account for the many circumstances which may effect the crews arrival time (for example: truck break-down, trucks which won't start, inclement weather, crew members who arrive late to work, etc.).

In addition -- and this is important for you to understand -- movers do not usually set their schedule until late in the afternoon on the day prior to your moving job. Therefore, if you are moving on a Wednesday, the mover generally does not contact you (to advise you of the ETA on Wednesday) until late in the day (2PM to 4PM) on Tuesday.

Please note that I wrote "generally" because, in the moving business, nothing is set in stone and exceptions and special circumstances or conditions are common-place.

In addition, you may be interested to know why movers wait so long to make their ETA notifications. This is because in the moving business exceptions and special circumstances are commonplace and jobs often cancel (or postpone) at the last moment. New jobs are often added to the schedule at the last minute, and each of these changes throws the current schedule plan into chaos causing the mover to re-plan the use of all of this trucks and crews.

As a result movers generally wait as long as possible to set their schedule (often until late in the afternoon, on the day prior to your moving job); this is purposeful in order to wait until the last possible moment when the schedule has settled down and is finalized.

Thank you for your terrific question and please don't hesitate to contact us if you need any additional information. Smiley

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