What is the hardest thing to move?

What is the hardest thing to move?

This is a great question, and I think I know the answer! Our core business is moving high-end / ultra-sensitive and very expensive electronic equipment but -- undoubtedly --the most difficult thing we move is people!

It has been often said that the 3 most stressful times in one’s life are...

  1. Death in the family
  2. Divorce from one's spouse
  3. Moving one's household and family

...and yet folks who are moving consistently underestimate the stress levels which moving their household and family will induce. While it is not be possible to completely eliminate relocation stress there are several things which one might do to help relieve it...

  1. Read our article titled How to manage relocation moving stress
  2. Read our article Moving with your children to understand the impact a move may have on your kids
  3. Start packing your boxes as early as possible and don’t leave box packing until the last minute, so please visit our Packing Guides
  4. And last, but most important, make certain you hire a professional mover to perform your move because nothing will cause you more stress than an bad moving company

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, we move a lot of high-value equipment some of which is valued at millions of dollars. However, machines don't have feelings; machines don't have memories; nor do they form attachments which can last a lifetime.

People do all of these things and this is why people are the hardest thing which we move!

Thank you for your question! Thumbs Up Smiley

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