What is the difference between a weight move vs. a cubic foot move?

If i choose cu ft I am afraid the mover could put up a false wall or pack loosely. I feel if i choose cu ft i feel that I have more control of my move. I will ask for a binding contract upfront based on someone coming to my home and giving me a binding price based on only the items I have.

Please help me on this thanks!

Hello and thank you for your question. It is a crime to falsify a weight ticket. It is not a crime to "balloon" ("bump" or make larger) cubic feet by loading a shipment inefficiently! Unethical? Definitely. A punishable crime? No. In addition, all of the professional movers I know of charge by weight. As a result I would recommend that (1) you do some due diligence and find a professional mover you can trust and (2) use a professional mover who charges by weight. I would also recommend that you read the following document which is published by the United States DOT: How must my mover determine the weight of my shipment?

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