What is the best box to use for packing when I move?

What is the best box to use for packing when I move? What would you recommend? Thanks!

Thank you for your question. First of all, I'd like to advise you not to use plastic bins or (as we call them) "totes" as explained in this previous FAQ.

Boxes are usually made from single-wall or double-wall corrugated board as shown in the image below...

single-wall box and a double wall box
A single-wall box (top) and a double-wall box (below)

Double-wall boxes are much stronger than single wall boxes. Double-wall boxes provide much greater protection than single wall boxes, but there is a trade-off in cost. For example (on the date of this writing) a Home Depot "Standard" single-wall small carton cost $0.77 each whereas a Home Depot "Heavy Duty" double-wall carton cost $1.47 each.

The highest strength cartons are made from high strength "tri-wall" corrugated board but these tri-wall cartons are very difficult for consumer to find and are very expensive.

Here is an image of a tri-wall container...

tri-wall box
A tri-wall box

If you can afford them, double-wall boxes are the best boxes for packing for your move. In addition, when a mover loads a truck it is best to have boxes which are dimensionally similar. This allows the mover to pack the moving truck as tight and as efficiently as possible (as experienced movers say, "if it doesn't move, it doesn't break!")

Inside of a moving truck
A moving truck loaded with dimensionally similar boxes

Thanks for your question and good luck packing for your upcoming move!



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