Should I empty my dresser drawers when I move?

Should I empty my dresser drawers when I move? Most movers tell me that I don't have to empty my dresser drawers, but a few have told me I should. What's going on? What do you think should be done with regards to emptying (or not emptying) the dresser drawers?

Thank you for your question.

Most of the moving salespeople I know will tell you that you may leave your dresser drawers full when you move. While this is what many moving salespeople will tell you, it is the wrong answer and please allow me to tell you why it is wrong.

Professional movers will tip and turn dressers and chests of drawers this way, and that way, to move them through existing openings and to move them up and down stairways and through hallways. Triple dressers will often be tipped up and stood up on end to be moved around corners. Every pound you can lighten these pieces will enable your movers to handle dressers (and chests) more easily, resulting in less chance of damage to your furniture and less chance of damage to the walls of the homes you are moving out of, and into. Emptying a single dresser of its contents may lighten it by up to 100 pounds, whereas emptying a triple dresser may lighten it by up to 200 pounds.

Yes, this will be more work for you. But the payoff is that such a weight reduction will most certainly result in easier handling and less chance of article damage or damage to your residence walls.

Having told you this, I will also tell you that we do not require you to empty your dresser and chest drawers. Although we do not require you to empty your dresser and chest drawers, we do require that you remove all breakable items and all valuable items from all the drawers being moved.

Thank you for your great question, and please accept our best wishes for you and your family in your new home. moving company long island

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