How will bad weather affect my move?

Hello. Thank you for your help. How will bad weather affect my move? Any info you can provide would be great. Thanks!


Weather affects the household moving process, of this there is no doubt. And it generally slows a relocation down. If possible, it is best to move when the weather is fair. Unfortunately this is not always possible. Inclement weather (cold, chilly, wintry, freezing, snowy, icy, wet, rainy, drizzly, stormy, blustery or windy) will slow any move down. Snow and ice has the worst effect (slowing moving progress down considerably, which makes sense because sure footing is paramount to a safe move), followed by extreme heat and extreme cold...and rain is next. However, we generally do not postpone moving jobs because of heat, cold or rain (unless conditions are exceptionally extreme, or hazardous). We do postpone moving jobs because of snowing conditions or icy conditions. If there is snow on the ground but walkway, parking areas and paths have been well cleared then we will generally perform moving services.

Once again, if it is possible to postpone your move this is always the best option...although this is an option which only a select few have the leeway to enjoy.

I hope this answers your question which we appreciate greatly.


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