Do I need to unpack my dresser drawers when I move?

Do I need to unpack my dresser drawers when I move? Thanks for the help!

The answer as if whether or not you need to unpack dresser drawers when you move is "it depends." Blink Smiley

It depends on the type of furniture you own. If you have solid wood furniture (such as pieces where the drawers have dove-tail joints) then you generally do not need to unpack your dresser drawers.

However, if you have furniture manufactured from particle board and/or engineered wood furniture (commonly known as Press Board or MDF: medium density fiberboard) is designed to be shipped unassembled; it is not built to withstand the normal stresses of a move as an assembled unit. Furniture constructed of this material must be completely emptied and made as light as is possible in order to be safely moved.

In addition, if your furniture meets the test to be moved with the drawers full then the rule of thumb for packing items in the drawers is this...

  1. Pack only soft goods into the drawers, items such as clothes, linens or bedding
  2. Remove all breakable items
  3. Remove all valuable items

I hope this helps you. Thank you for your question and thanks for visiting our website! Smiley

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