Mover's storage vaults question

Would you please tell me how large a standard mover's storage vault is. Thank you.

Professional movers use "Storage Vaults" (which are also called "Pallets") to store household goods and personal effects. Standard mover's storage vaults exterior dimensions measure 60-inches wide x 84-inches deep x 84-inches high. These exterior measurement equate to 245 cubic feet.

All furniture which is loaded within each storage vault is pad-wrapped for protection. After loading, each vault is placed into the Avatar's warehouse to be stored.

There are advantages that a professional mover's   storage vault system offers over a self-storage system. The first is that a professional mover had pad-wraps all of your furniture to provide superior protection while your belongings are stored with the mover whereas self--storage does not offer this measure of protection. The second advantage  is that the mover will be responsible for loss or damage of your shipment from the time they pick the shipment up at your old residence through to  the time they deliver it to your new home. The third advantage is that that a professional mover's storage vault systen is usually less expensive than a self-storage alternative.

I hope this answers your question sufficiently and please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions. 👍

Here are some photographs of a standard mover's storage vault...

Avatar Household Goods Storage Vault
Avatar Household Goods Storage Vault


Placing a Storage Vault Into The Warehouse
Placing a Storage Vault Into The Warehouse


Storage Vaults Secured Within The Warehouse
Storage Vaults Secured Within The Warehouse

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