What is the different between weight moves versus cubic foot moves?

Hi. I am moving from one state to another state soon and I have several estimates from several different movers. Most of the cost estimates I have received are based on a weight estimate, but one is based on a size estimate (the estimated cubic feet). I am not sure of which type of estimate I should go with. Can you provide me with your opinion please?

Good question...thank you. Here is my opinion which is similar to that which I recently wrote over at MovingScam.com...

It strikes me that reasonable persons might come to the conclusion that falsifying a weight ticket is a crime in most states whereas state law does not address ballooning shipment cube. In addition, falsifying a weight ticket may often (granted, not always) require the complicity of a certified weigh-master, and what sane weigh-master would put his or her certification at risk (or risk a fine) for the price of a $20.00 tare or gross weight ticket? Only the very foolish I would imagine.

Therefore, if I was a crooked mover, I would count on the following happening...

1) The customer failing to initially divulge everything that is tendered to me on move-out day: not by design...but rather by the customer failing to understand that plans nearly always change, and what is initially planned to be moved often changes...by failing to comprehend the scope of their move…as happens so many times...and by minimizing the size of their move as (it seems) is a common practice which is perhaps driven by human nature and the desire to pay as little as possible.

2) I would load inefficiently, thereby ballooning the cube.

Furthermore, it stands to reason that weight-based moves encourage load-density efficiency whereas cube-based moved discourage load-density efficiency. Add to this the ease by which one can be cheated on a cube-based move and one has to wonder why on earth a consumer would elect to pay for cube-based moving service. The only reason I can surmise is that the consumer has failed to perform due diligence and research the issues at hand…or they are shopping for the cheapest price which (I believe) is the number one reason consumers get into bed with less then honest moving companies.

Perhaps some witty comment suggesting a fool and his money being soon parted is appropriate here, eh?

Thanks for your great question!


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