How To File A Claim

Consumer Claims Agency

If the mover lost or damaged something, we want to handle your claim promptly and fairly, but please remember:

  1. Our claim procedure is governed by rules that may be frustrating, but they're the same for all moving companies.
  2. Please do read this leaflet, follow its suggestions, and avoid delays by providing all the information requested in the attached statement of claim.

When To File A Claim?
As soon as possible! The longer you wait the harder it is to remember accurately or find key supporting papers. If you've moved from out of state, your written claim must be submitted within nine months of delivery. If you moved within your state it may be much less; check your copy of the moving contract

Who Is Responsible For What?
When you arranged for your move you signed an agreement - a contract- which tells "who's responsible for what". Its printed on the order of service, or bill of lading, or checklist (sorry about the legal-type language).

What Kind of Proof Is Needed?

Naturally, there's got to be some proof that the loss or damaged happened while the mover the inventory receipt and bill of lading checklist, or other delivery report. If you've moved from out of state these notations were made by the driver, as you were both (we hope) checking things at delivery. When you signed those papers it was like saying, "Okay, everything's here in good shape, except the items noted (if any)". Its like counting your change at the checkstand; if you don't and later you find that your short, its difficult to get an adjustment the next day, practically impossible a week later. Right?

If Something Is Lost
We'll promptly trace items noted as lost on the delivery receipt, but this may take 30 days or longer after you've fully described the article. If you've received - and signed for - all the containers, you surely won't claim loss of an individual packed item.

What If Your Appliance Doesn't Work
The washer or dryer, refrigerator, freezer, TV set, hi-fi set, radio, etc. , isn't working? If there is no visible external damage, the failure may be caused by normal vibration during the move, or even by something unconnected by the move. In either case its not their responsibility. If it was damaged and noted on the delivery papers, fill out the statement of claim, but, don't call a service untill you hear from us. Even if the mover is not responsible we can help you locate an appropriate repairman. If you don't know one please call us.

Wait For Our OK Before Calling A Repairman
Two good reasons for this:

  1. We may want to inspect the item to decide how the damage can be fixed, and
  2. We work with many skilled, and reliable repair and service people and they may be the only ones we authorize.

Few Things Get Better With Age
Most things - and people, too - go downhill a bit with age or changes in temperature or humidity. Some items fade, crack, warp, shrink, or rust; others mildew, become infested, or lose flavor and all of these are beyond the control of man. The legal term for this kind of damage is "inherent vice", which is recognized to be not the fault of the moving and storage company and they are, therefore, not held responsible.

But It Was Part of A Set
It's most distressing when the loss or damaged item is part of a pair or a set. Nevertheless, in most cases, only the value of the item, not the pair or the set, can be compensated. Hopefully you've bought enough protection so we can repair or replace the damaged piece.

What Price For Inconvenience
For a while you'll be with out use of a lost or damaged item and that's inconvenient, we know. But we cannot compensate you for such inconvenience because its not part of the coverage provided by the moving industry, nor is there any practical way to put a value on such inconvenience.

How Much Is It Worth?
Standard depreciation must be applied when determining the value of an article. We compensate either in cash (for value or repair), or by repairing or replacing the item, whichever way is most economical.

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